BrainTap - Guided Meditation

Experience the 'Relaxation Effect'

Relax, Reboot, & Revitalize your brain with BrainTap. I have found by using the BrainTap Optimal Health and Weight Wellness meditations I have become much happier, calmer, focused on consistent exercise with ease, and have healthier eating habits. Having a good mindset shifts our attitudes and actions.

The BrainTap utilizes the combined benefits of the theta brainwave and guided visualization to induce the “Relaxation Effect”. That place where creative flow, super learning, and physical healing takes place.

Your mind is a powerful thing. Visualization helps open your mind to possibility and expanded confidence and motivation. Visualization has been used successfully for decades by athletes to utilize their imagination to rehearse their sporting events and their desired results. Research has shown that your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imaginary.

There are hundreds of guided visualizations available including – Sleep Rx, Weight Wellness, Optimal Health, Stress Free Me, Children & Learning, and more.

Enjoy a 15-Day FREE Trial today! Experience in your trial the Wellness Bundle offering $300 titles. Download the app onto your phone or tablet, then grab a pair of headphones or earbuds and experience the ‘Relaxation Effect’ for yourself!

Connect the BrainTap system with the Sound Oasis Back Rest for an ultimate in sound, light, and vibration experience to activate all your senses. Learn more about the Sound Oasis Back Rest.

In this video, creator of the BrainTap, Dr. Patrick Porter, shares his journey of developing BrainTap, discusses how the device works, and the research that has been conducted on BrainTap. He has witnessed many benefits experienced by numerous users and for various conditions, including dementia, traumatic brain injury (TBI), autism.