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Sound Oasis Back Rest

Created by Dr. Lee Bartel, the Sound Oasis Back Rest allows to you enjoy the benefits of sound healing in your own home. The back rest contains four different healing frequencies – Energize, Relax, Sleep, Stress Relief. Learn more about the Sound Oasis Back Rest.

In the video below, Dr. Bartel explains how music and sound can be use for relaxation, sleep, focus, and even pain relief.
Stimulating cells wtih sound can reduce the risk and impact of some common health problems.” – Dr. Bartel

Email me at susanspa3@gmail.com about ordering your own Sound Oasis Back Rest (VTS1000) and receive a 20% discount. Your price $479.99, full value $599.99 – SAVE $120! Free shipping, tax additional. A worthy investment for your health and family.

Fascia Release Tools

Tone, tighten, and relieve pain with Ashley Black FasciaBlaster tools. I have personally experienced phenomenal results with these tools, as well as my clients, that I became an Affiliate. My favorite tool is the new & improve Fascia Blaster. Learn More & Order Here.

Learn how your fascia “remodels” in 90 days and beyond to release muscle and joint pain, reduce cellulite and improve your health. Consistency, time and self care compassion creates great results!

This 3 minute video shows you how the fascia tools can help make the change. I have nearly all the tools and can share where and how to start if you have questions.

Insightful 20-minute Ted Talk about how Ashley Black overcame Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and other challenges by addressing fascia release. The video also features scientific data and before/after photos.

Essential Oils

I use Essential Oils personally as well as during client sessions. My mentor is Tiffany Carole. Her experience and knowledge of Essential Oils is priceless. I would highly recommend her Healing Oil Collective 3 course. Ready to take a deep dive into Essential Oils, check out all her courses.

Lymphatic System Flow Techniques

Check out my Lymphatic System Flow Techniques playlist on YouTube for tips on how to get your lymph system moving and boost your immunity.

** I only recommend products that I have personally used and tested. If you purchase anything I recommend, I may be receiving commission.