Spa-tique with Susan D!

Sound Healing - Massage - Skin Care to Revitalize your Life

Massage & Body Care Treatments

Spa-tique @ the Homestead massage

Massage - request the style

your body needs!

For R&R or for Rehab.

30 minutes      $50

1 hour              $88

90 minutes        $120

You get a customized massage every time! Susan D. utilizes different tools & techniques to give your body exactly what it needs.

Unique Massage Tools & Techniques

  • Sound Therapy - Bass Pod Belt delivers vibrational healing to ligaments & tendons
  • Gliding Cupping - lifting tightness & detoxing
  • Fascia Release - releasing tension & knots
  • Feldenkrais moves to soothe nerves
  • Aromatherapy & Acupressure - single or combined to balance meridians
  • Tuning Forks to awaken the meridians in the feet
  • Headache/Sinus Facial Cupping - rejuvenating the face, neck & shoulders
Spa-tique massage

Raindrop Massage Fusion        1 hour     $95

Strengthen your immune system against "stress" and cold/virus season that happens anytime during the year. Spicy oils "raindrop" along your spine with massage strokes, warm stones and a heat pack to enhance their activation, strengthening your nerves and organs. You will find a gentle warming of the body that fights off viruses and calms your mind and body. A foot/calf massage and final sinus opening pressure points release and rejuvenate

Half n Half                                         1 hour        $95

(30 minute Massage & 30 Minute Facial)

Head to toe total relaxation. A perfect blend of a back massage with a mini facial together to soothe and refresh!

Back Scrub & Massage             1 hour     $90

Ahhhh! A good back scrub and rub down! Enjoy a refreshing deep cleansing of the back with a scrub treatment, soothing mask followed by a 30 minute warm stone massage of the back and the lower legs. Revitalizing for anytime, any skin. Especially beneficial for back acne, before a wedding/formal event, or the middle of winter dry or summer sweaty skin.