Spa-tique with Susan D!

Sound Healing - Massage - Skin Care to Revitalize your Life

Oncology Facial/Skin Care Certified and Certified in Massage for People Living with Cancer (and other Health Sensitivities)

Experience relief, comfort, rejuvenation, balance and education if you or have a family/friend member with health compromised concerns. Whether its oncology/cancer, lupus, Lyme's disease, fibromyalgia or other challenges I provide a treatment to meet your needs.

Skin care is often needed to soothe irritated skin when the body is undergoing various radiation/chemotherapy treatments and beyond. I offer a variety of ideas and options endorsed by the National Oncology Aesthetics Association founded by Morag Currin.

Massage is delivered with a balance of soothing strokes to meet the needs of the body. Sensitivity to lymphatic flow and lymph node removal is honored, acupressure points to calm and balance, warm stones included for relief as allowed and Foot Reflexology offers a gentle total body rejuvenation regardless of the stage.

Call or email to discuss what you need or are seeking for balance at this time and we will create a session unique to you!

I look forward to seeing you and honored to be along with you on the journey.

Susan D.


Recommended Reading: Warrior Pose by Brad Willis is an interesting life story shared by former NBC News War Correspondent. He shares his life journey and experience living through and total recovery from a fractured back and 4th stage Lung Cancer. Crediting Dr. Emmet Miller's meditation tape "Letting Go of Stress" and slowly evolving through Yoga to reclaim his life and health.

Meditation Tapes:

Dr. Emmet Miller - some excellent choices to order:

"Letting Go of Stress"

"Confronting Cancer"

Biomat Infrared Mat for Pain Relief and De-stressing the mind and body -spa sessions, weekly rental or purchasing

Experience 30 minutes of total calmness as you allow your mind to relax and body unwind $10 to $15/session.