Spa-tique with Susan D!

Sound Healing - Massage - Skin Care to Revitalize your Life

Deluxe & Express Skin Care

Facial Treatments Correct, Balance and Rejuvenate your complexion.

Spa-tique Madison West facial massage

All sessions focus on your concerns and provide results.

Select an Express treatment if you are short on time where you lay on top of the spa table and we focus on the treatment or a traditional Deluxe or Spa Facial where you embrace your spa time more so by getting comfortable under the spa sheets and absorb all the goodness provided.

We discuss the many different options on the market from products to specialized medi-spa treatments to determine what is best for your needs. Referrals provided when medical assistance/prescriptions when appropriate.

K-Beauty Deluxe Facial Treatment     1 hour $120

The premier effects of toning, strengthening and revitalizing your skin with professional tools and ingredients.

K-Beauty delivers ingredients of PLLA - poly L Lactic Acid, used in medi-spa treatment of Sculpta. Known as

bio-stimulator dermal filer, stimulating your skin to produce new collagen. Add in the Time Master Pro treatment, featuring the benefits of laser without the downtime. Professional ultrasound and LED combined, awaken and tighten your skin to feel energized.

Spa-tique facial

Spa Hour Facial                                     1 hour $98

Face the world with a glow to your skin. Feel & look rejuvenated with a deep cleansing treatment, exfoliation/peel treatment and specializing in gentle extractions to unclog pores. A soothing Facial and Neck Massage releases tension all over.

Shiatsu Facelift Treatment - request in Spa Facial

Naturally revitalized skin tone with acupressure points and meridian massage. Learn more about which points help balance your body - for digestion, headaches and calming your mind. Specialized Asian facial techniques awaken your senses. Sign up for the Spa Hour Facial and I will incorporate these techniques.

Mini Facial                                            30 Minutes $60

A shorter Spa Facial that still includes a Warm Stone Neck/Shoulder massage in addition to cleansing and facial massage to revitalize your complexion

Headache/Sinus Relief    - request this within a Mini Facial

Feel the heavy-headed tension release from your temples/eyes/sinuses. Essential Oils warm up the passages along with pressure points and lymphatic massage techniques.

EXPRESS FACIALS - Peel or Korean Beauty - 40 Minutes $70

A great option for when you are on the go. You remain clothed and lay on top of the table so you can get on your way after a session.