Spa Services

These are some of the services available with Susan D. Currently the schedule is closed to additional clients in Madison. The Homestead location may have some openings for Sound Lounge and Infrared Sauna/Sound Therapy services on a Wednesday or Friday 10am-3pm. Contact  Susan D. about reserving a time.

Consulting services are also available for Spa professionals seeking to expand their practice with Sound Therapy options.

Spa-tique with Susan D. Massage


Experience a 30-, 60-, or 90-minute massage for some R&R or Rehab.

Using a variety of different tools & techniques, Susan D. gives you a customized massage every time.

Unique Massage Tools & Techniques

  • Sound Therapy – Bass Pod Belt delivers vibrational healing to ligaments & tendons
  • ThetaHealing® – tapping into the Energy of Creation
  • Gliding Cupping – lifting tightness & detoxing
  • Fascia Release – releasing tension & knots
  • Feldenkrais – moves to soothe nerves
  • Aromatherapy & Acupressure – single or combined to balance meridians
  • Tuning Forks – awaken the meridians in the feet
  • Headache/Sinus Facial Cupping – rejuvenating the face, neck & shoulders

Skin Care - Acne to Anti-Aging

Facial Treatments to correct, balance and rejuvenate your complexion. All sessions focus on your concerns and provide results.

Select an Express Treatment if you are short on time where you lay on top of the spa table and we focus on the treatment or a traditional Deluxe or Spa Facial where you embrace your spa time more so by getting comfortable under the spa sheets and absorb all the goodness provided.

We discuss the many different options on the market from products to specialized medi-spa treatments to determine what is best for your needs. Referrals provided when medical assistance/ prescriptions are appropriate.

Skin Care with Susan D at Spa-tique

So Sound Sanctuary - Sound Healing

Recline on a cushiony lounge and feel sound waves of music amplify through your body like a rhythmic massage seeking out areas of tension, while musical notes dance through your mind creating a meditative state. Enter the zone…releasing all cares and stress in your body.


The BEST combination of MASSAGE & MEDITATION/CALMING THE MIND! As your energy flows with greater ease after each Sound Lounge session, see how your other holistic treatments improve e.g., chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki, etc.

Ahhhhmazing Results!!

  • Alleviating Headaches and Migraines
  • Releasing Body Aches, Pain & Tension
  • Clears the Mind – Greater Creativity & Intuition
  • Better Sleep
  • Deep Relaxation & Stress Release
  • Less Reactive to Triggers (challenging people and situations)
  • And More….