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The Modere Biocell – liquid collagen provides a range of benefits. I see in clients coming in for FACIALS: toned, hydrated, less inflamed skin, refined wrinkles, less sensitivity, smaller pore size and more. MASSAGES: I am observing less swelling in joints, tissues, ease of muscle tension releasing faster.

More importantly: clients comments on having more energy, ease of flexibility, bending, less joint discomfort – which I feel is the most important. All of this allows us to enjoy life in a greater way!

Join the Spa-tique Modere 4-Month Research experience and be rewarded! ALL participants receive a FREE bottle of BioCell Liquid Collagen and will be entered in a drawing to WIN a $150 value Spa product basket!

Please email or mail your Intake Form back by October 31 to participate. If you have questions or would like a Consultation, please reach out and we can schedule a time to connect.
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